What is the purpose of this forum?

Currently this is a test bed for exploring ways to use an online forum. We recently finished using the site to develop proposals for 2020 Special Topics Meetings and Workshops. We anticipate using the site for other kinds of proposals in the future. But there are many more functions possible. Help us decide how best to use this technology.

How can I join the forum?

Anyone can participate in the forum and submit a proposal.

There are two ways to join the forum.

  • The first is to be invited by a current forum participant.
  • The second is to request an invitation from SRCD staff. Please send an email to scholar@srcd.org, including your full name and any institutional affiliation.

How do I invite someone to join the forum?

Invitations can only be sent by users at “Trust Level 2”. That means spending some time on the forum, reading a few topics, and submitting at least a couple of posts. Once you are granted Trust Level 2 by the system, you can invite others.

At the bottom of the list of posts within each Topic is a menu that includes an “Invite” icon. Click the icon and enter the person’s email address. You can choose to send a standard invitation form, edit the form to include a customized message, or receive a copy of the invitation link to send to the recipient in any manner you choose. Note the invitation link is valid only for the email address specified.

If you would like to invite a large number of participants (or are not at Level 2), please contact scholar@srcd.org and we can arrange a batch invitation.

How can I report problems or inappropriate content on the site?

The Discourse system provides mechanisms for users to flag inappropriate content. In addition, SRCD staff will be actively moderating the site for such content. For any specific concerns, or to address issues that go beyond flagging posts, please contact scholar@srcd.org.

For general information about etiquette and site Code of Conduct see https://meta.discourse.org/faq.

How can I get technical support for using the forum?

For basic information on using the forum, click the menu icon (three lines) at the top right of the page. The menu is where you can find the About page, this FAQ page, Terms of Service, as well as the Privacy Policy.

For a tutorial, click your user icon in the top right corner and select the envelope icon on the top line next to your username. Select “New Message” on the left side menu, and send a message to user “Discobot” with a topic of discussion “Help” and a body “discobot start new user”. Discobot will welcome you to the SRCD Forum and ask you to “learn more” by bookmarking the personal message. After you have successfully bookmarked the conversation, Discobot will walk you through using the forum.

You can also browse/join a conversation on https://meta.discourse.org to help with your questions.

In the event of a critical issue or urgent matter affecting this site, please contact us at scholar@srcd.org.