Integrating Neuroscience & Immunology Perspectives on Development


Exciting work has developed over the last 5-10 years on combining the perspectives of neuroscience and psychoneuroimmunology to understand the impact of social experience, both early life stress and more positive social settings later in development. What is known? What are the methodological challenges? How do we integrate diverse populations? Perhaps a workshop or meeting of the minds could assess progress and suggest future directions.


This is a very interesting proposal that would allow participants to tap in to a rapidly evolving field with complex biology matched to similarly complex psychological and social-contextual dynamics. Furthermore, the great majority of the work has been done in WEIRD populations. Much needed are building conceptual /operational models for how these systems and conditions interact during development, operationalizing and testing using current methods, and strategizing how work among diverse populations would test/inform our current models. The diverse disciplines and membership represented in SRCD offer a great platform for doing this.

From bench to bedside to policy and back again

I agree that this would be a great workshop/mini-conference, particularly if it were focused on how to utilize these methods with understudied populations.