Meta-Emotion and Children's Development


Integrating a topic meeting centered on meta-emotion and its association with children’s social and emotional development would be a great interest of mine. My dissertation focused on this topic and the results were quite interesting, in terms of the factors that were found to predict parents’ meta-emotion approaches.


This sounds very interesting! My dissertation is looking at parent (mother and father) acceptance and control of their adolescent children and what factors can moderate the negative effect some parents might have on their kids . It isn’t meta-emotion per se but a special topic on the role of parents in children and adolescent outcomes might be cool. Or maybe a special topic on building resilience in youth… Just some ideas. Is your diss publically avail? Would love to read it! :slight_smile:


A special topic about children’s resilience and how it may be fostered by positive guidance and meta-emotion techniques provided by caregivers may be a great avenue for the SRCD conference/workshop.

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